Enrollment and Tuition Credits

Enrollment Open for Fall 2023

Open enrollment is underway and we are working to fill open seats fast! If you are looking to enroll your child in one of our 14 schools, act quickly! Visit www.imsphila.org/schools to find the IMS school in your neighborhood.

Tuition credit programs help make an IMS education affordable! See if you are eligible below.

Three Tuition Credit Programs Offered

Current Family Referral Credit: If you are a current family and know someone ready to apply to one of our schools, you can receive a Referral Credit of up to $500! View or download flyer.

K and 1st Grade Enrollment Credit: New Kindergarten and First Grade families are eligible for a one-year credit of up to $500. View or download flyer.

Parish Credit: New families who are referred to an IMS school by the Pastor of their neighborhood Parish are eligible for a tuition credit of up to $1,000. Parishioners who are active in an IMS school Parish are encouraged to inform their Pastor of this program. The Pastor should contact the school leader or enrollment office by phone or email to refer a student. View or download flyer.

If you have questions about any of our tuition credit programs, please contact Wallace Weaver at [email protected] or 267-575-9792.