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Uniforms and Dress Code

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Uniforms can be purchased at :

Flynn & O’Hara
6801 Frankford Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19135

(215) 624-1983


BOYS (GRADES 1 – 8):


  • Navy blue with belt loops and dark dress belt
  • Pants must be pulled up to the waist


  • Solid White – Long or short sleeve
  • Banded Golf Shirt with school logo


  • Navy Blue V-Neck with school logo or
  • Zip up fleece with school logo
    Students will be required to remove sweaters or fleece that do not have the school logo. 


  • Black dress shoes, no sneakers


  • No body piercings or tattoos


  • Navy blue sweat pants and sweatshirt or blue T-shirt with school logo.
    Students will be required to remove sweatshirts without the school logo. 
  • White sweat socks
  • White, blue or black sneakers



  • Blue pants and a white polo with school logo
  • Uniform jumper blue plaid
  • Uniforms should be knee-length
  • If shorts are worn under the jumper, only navy blue gym shorts are permitted. Sweatpants or leggings are not permitted to be worn under the uniform in cold weather. Only knee socks or navy blue tights are permitted.
  •  Blouse: White long or short sleeves


  • Navy blue sweater with the school logo.
    Students will be required to remove sweaters that do not have the school logo. 


  • Navy blue knee sock or
  • Navy blue tights


  • Black dress shoes or Mary Janes. Boots and/or sneakers are not permitted. 


  • Only small post earrings, one per ear, may be worn. Hoops and dangle earrings are not permitted.
  • Make-up is not permitted.
  • No body piercing or tattoos.


  • Navy blue sweatpants and
  • Sweatshirt or T-shirt with logo
  • White sweat socks
  • White, blue or black sneakers


Regular Uniform

  • Navy blue walking shorts or girls navy skort
  • White banded golf shirt with school logo

Gym Uniform

  • Blue gym shirt with school logo
  • Navy blue gym shorts


  • Navy blue sweat pants and shirt with school logo
  • Gym shorts and blue t-shirt is optional for warm weather
  • White, blue or black sneakers
  • Boots are not permitted. 

Children are taught to take pride in their personal appearance. Uniform infraction slips are issued for violations of the school dress code.

Gym uniforms are worn to school on the day scheduled for the gym and on other specified occasions.

Students who do not have proper gym uniforms may NOT participate actively in Physical Education class and will be issued a dress code violation.

Health Forms Required

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Parents are required to complete two medical forms as part of the enrollment process.  Download the forms from the IMS Health & Safety page. On that page you can also find a list of immunizations required by the state. The two forms are:
  1. The medical/immunization history form
  2. The request/consent for administration of medication

Volunteer Clearances

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We welcome volunteers! To ensure the safety of our students, all volunteers are required to obtain three clearances before serving: PA Criminal Background Check, PA Child Abuse History Clearance, and Fingerprinting. Follow the steps on the IMS Clearances web page.

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